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Happy 100th Birthday New Mexico!

Boy, it seems like just a few years ago you were only 400!

In celebration of the Centennial of statehood, folks around the state are putting their efforts into some awesome public history projects. I have contributed myself with an online Atlas of Historic New Mexico maps and now a book! How exciting!

It's called Forgotten Tales of New Mexico and it's all the stories I found interesting or illuminating as I've studied our state's illustrious (or nefarious) past. It's light, fairly funny, and there's abundant sex, scandal and supernatural beings, just like in The Remembered Tales of New Mexico. You'll even learn something new about the Land of Enchantment! It's available now from Amazon or from the History Press.

The Atlas of course is freely available to anyone with an internet connection and a modern browser. I would particularly like to see it getting used in classrooms this year, so if you are a teacher and you're looking for some interactive lesson plans then check out the education section of the site. Don't forget to let the New Mexico Humanities Council know how you're using it!

Time to break out the cake!

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Happy 100th Birthday New Mexico!


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