Queenellen Enterprises Services and Capabilities

Founded in 1998 by Ellen Dornan, and operated as a woman-owned sole proprietorship, Queenellen Enterprises designs, organizes, researches, writes, and edits interpretive and educational projects in all media, with a particular focus on the natural and cultural heritage of the western U.S.

Ms. Dornan uses her extensive background in the visitor service industry, and her education in instructional technologies to identify innovative ways to meet visitor needs and to attain educational objectives.

Queenellen Enterprises has completed complex projects for the Bureau of Land Management, the USDA Forest Service, the National Park Service, the Public Lands Interpretive Association, and other private and non-profit clients.

Full list of services below. Additional services are offered through the Style & Substance partnership.

Program Evaluation

Ms. Dornan studied program evaluation with Dr. Hallie Preskill, one of the foremost educational evaluators in the nation. Queenellen designs and implements all levels of developmental, formative, or summative program evaluations. Ms. Dornan specializes in evaluating new media products, informal education programs, and workplace training. Evaluation designs are carefully focused for the task at hand, with an emphasis on creating a useful and useable product for the project stakeholders.

Most clients with an online presence need regular evaluations of visitation to their websites. QE2 offers comprehensive reporting on use, demographics, referrals, and of course, conversions, or that magic moment when your visitor makes a purchase, or signs up, or does whatever it is you were hoping they would do. This kind of evaluation is extremely helpful for setting goals, focusing your efforts, and saving marketing dollars.

Team Leadership & Project Management

Ms. Dornan is a capable and efficient leader of a dispersed team, enabling each team member to have autonomy over his or her project tasks, but ensuring all work is integrated, functional, and timely.

Concept and Content Development

Ms. Dornan conceived of and executed numerous projects that have aided federal land management agencies to provide their constituency with better customer service and superior interpretation of public resources. Projects include print/audio auto tours distributed from the internet; interactive historical maps; printed recreation maps and brochures; producing and presenting multimedia lectures; building online communities; supporting planning for federal and state projects through improved digital communications; simulations; tutorials; documentary video; and games.

Writing and Research

Ms. Dornan is a versatile, accurate, and articulate writer who can capably produce scholarly research and analysis, ad copy, evocative description, technical documentation, and turgid commentary. When approaching sensitive cultural issues, Ms. Dornan strives for a balanced and informed perspective.

Other recent research interests include the last 400 years of New Mexican history; the Civil War in the Southwest; Western Apache culture and battles; and the intersection of recreation and history in northwest Wyoming. Media studies include the use of narrative and fun in digital media.

Past projects include an analysis of how El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro impacted the natural resources of the Chihuahuan desert; online exhibits on the BLM National Landscape Conservation System; the effects of land use on the economy of western Wyoming; Aldo Leopold and the Gila Wilderness; various essays on endangered species recovery, energy development on public lands, Spanish explorers, mountain men, and other recreation and land use issues.

Ms. Dornan blogs on energy policy, recreation, climate change, public health, law enforcement, and legislative policy affecting Native America. She also conducts social media campaigns for non-profit and public education organizations.

Editorial Work

Ms. Dornan is a card-carrying member of the Militant Grammarians of New Mexico (MGNM). Besides ensuring that all content is terse, grammatical, and spelled correctly, the content is always edited for the medium. No matter if the end product is a map, a trade-show display, or a CD interface, the content should be edited for optimal legibility, and to reinforce the medium.

Database Administration & Maintenance

Ms. Dornan is a skilled database administrator. She has over a decade of experience designing, creating content for, and maintaining both online and offline databases.

Instructional Design

Ms. Dornan is an inventive designer of on-site, distance, computer-based, or hybrid instructional programs for adults as well as curricula for children. She also has experience training personnel across a variety of industries, conducting workshops, and designing instructive presentations.

Webmistress With the Mostest!

Care and feeding of your website doesn't stop with putting up a gorgeous design and clever content. Even using our wonderful content management system (BIM) to update your site regularly doesn't do the whole job. Ms. Dornan can help you make your website visible and successful with domain, hosting, email, and listserv management, spam blocking, traffic reports & other evaluations, marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, and enhancing conversion rates.


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