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Public Lands Visitor Center now online!

For YEARS I've been thinking about how to create a wonderful presentation at publiclands.org that relates the story of how public lands came to be, and what they mean to us as Americans. This winter, I finally came up with the plan, and the grant I wrote for the New Mexico Humanities Council was approved. Hooray!

The new visitor center features a slideshow, The Geography of Freedom, which covers the history of public lands from the birth of our nation to the present. It's got lots of great pictures, a fun timeline to play with and all sorts of other groovy features. It takes about 20 minutes to go through the slideshow, and it's totally worth it. Go see it! You'll love it!

I have all kinds of other stuff also up at the visitor center, though mostly static exhibits.

Public Lands Visitor Center-- click on the projector for the slideshow!! »

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Public Lands Visitor Center now online!


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