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Party Like it's 1999 (if you support S22)

18 Jan 2009

Oh, that Jeff Bingaman! What a dark horse! I think for years that he's creeping to the right, but the whole time he's sitting on the beautiful piece of legislation that is S22, the 2009 Public Lands Omnibus Bill. Golly, but it's as fine (or finer) a piece of environmental legislation than I've seen since Bruce Babbitt left Interior nearly 10 years ago.

You really have to see it, because it's too massive to describe here. There are new public lands, new protections for old public lands, and big expansions of existing protected areas. I literally got giddy reading it. Right now it's passed the Senate handily & is heading to the house.

Now here's the thing: I have such a fabulously progressive delegation (Tom Udall, Bingaman of course, and Heinrich in da House, whoo-hoo!) there's no one I have to pressure to support this bill. So it's up to all you wonderful readers in other states to holler at your Reps that you LOVE this bill and you LOVE public lands, and we just can't get enough of this kind of sweeping environmental legislation.

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