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Look, but don't touch!

3 Aug 2006

An alert reader sent me this article from the New York Times (free registration required) about the terrible problems rangers are having with law enforcement issues. The story is no big surprise- tight budgets lead to fewer feet on the ground, and exploding urban populations mean crime trickles over into the wildland-urban interface. Think speeding motorcycles and ATVs, border smuggling, drug production (meth labs, pot plantations), dumping bodies, etc. Read the NPS morning report for a good idea of what these poor folks are contending with. The money quote is on the second page of the online article:

?Last week we broke up a rave,? said Mr. Leveille, a veteran of 28 years in the Forest Service. ?It was pretty wild ? about 250 people, a lot them high on Ecstasy. Most folks just scattered. But some of them wanted to linger around and touch us, and that?s considered a federal offense.?

So folks, be forewarned! Touching a forest ranger means hard time!

Link to NY Times article (free registration required) »

Link to NPS Morning Report »

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