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Gale Norton In Pants

3 Jun 2006

Is how the Natural Resources Defence Council describes new Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne. Not sure that's a meme that has any future. Didn't she mostly wear pants anyway?

At any rate, in the (short) list of Secretary Norton's acheivements were a few new public lands. I went through them to make sure that I had updated all the info at, and noticed one I hadn't heard of-- Flight 93 National Memorial. Well of course, why not? So I went to look at the NPS website and was totally shocked and appalled to see that the NPS is having to hand around the hat to get this project off the ground. They're trying to raise $30 million, and have the CEO of Outback Steakhouse shilling for them.

So what-- the guides can say, "Here is the memorial to some of the greatest civilian heroes America has seen, brought to you by Outback Steakhouse, where you can try the new BRONZED CHICKEN with CORN CAKES." Pretty pathetic. To put it in persepective, the memorial will cost the equivalent of about 4 hours in Iraq ( the Dems are tallying $195 million/ day).

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