Los Bubbadinos

I was trying to put into words why I think Los Bubbadinos is such a great band. Perhaps it is that they sing the songs my family sang in the car during all those long childhood road trips. Perhaps it's the memory of my grandmother singing them as she mixed her cocktails. Perhaps it's the tuba. I think the tuba really does have a lot to do with it; grandma never had a tuba. But these songs have stuck with me enough that for years I have forced lounge singers to play them for me.

Regardless of
why I like them, since I do, I think that everyone else should like them too, since I clearly have impeccable taste and thus have the right to foist my opinions on the world at large. I figure, gosh, all I have to do is put their music out there for everyone to listen to, and soon enough the world will be beating down Los Bubbadinos' collective doors, if the world really had a lot of time on their hands to drive around New Mexico and find them all.

More fan photos!

ALSO: Raves, reviews, and other of those kinds of things critics say.

ALSO: Bubbadinos World Tour 2000 schedule. Coming to a divey bar near you!


With their kind permission, here is their first fabulous album:

Ready As We'll Ever Be: Our 15 minutes of Honky Tonk Fame

Real Bubbadinos
Mark Weaver
- tuba
Manny Rettinger- sound
Mark Weber- guitar, song, & tambourine
Bubba D - lap steel, electronics, & bass flute
Stefan Dill- flamenco guitar & hubcaps
Ken Keppeler- accordions, banjo, violin, mandolin, harmonica, jawharp, vocals

Wonderful CD of all time big hits

Guest Bubbadinos
Gretchen Parlato- song
Jon Baldwin- cornet
David Parlato- bass
Lee Taylor- clarinet



You need RealAudio to listen to all of this. So go get it already.

Wade in the Water

Country Song

If You Got the Money

South of the Border

Pancho & Lefty

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Lost Highway

Tennesse Waltz

Key to the Highway

Jingle Jangle

I Am a Pilgrim


Pistol Packin Mama

Farewell, Farewell

Red River Valley

Pastures of Plenty

Wild Mountain Thyme

Amazing Grace

Cotton Fields

Battle Hymn of the Republic

What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Wing & a Prayer

Lord Knows I'm Drinkin'

Wings of a Dove

Battle Hymn of the Playground

You Ain't Goin Nowhere

Camptown Races

Bringing in the Sheaves

Rock of Ages

St. James Infirmary

Way South of the Border

Since the RealAudio is so lossy, guess you had better
get in touch with them and get your own damn copy.

Can't beat a bargain like this one!
Just send 10 American simoleons and a SASE to:
Mark Weber
725 Van Buren Place SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108
That's $10US for each fabuloso CD they will back to you in the stamped envelope you thoughtfully provide. Get it?

Yeah, get it!

Soon to come: Bubbadinos X-mas, Mark Weber goes solo and sings more funny sad songs often of his own invention but you can still sing along mostly, and the eagerly awaited new album,Bubbadinos Live in Calcutta (or whatever)....